Our Tax Dollars at Work

No, it’s not nap time in kindergarten class.

Nor is this a sleep study in the science laboratory.

This is but one of the many perks afforded certain Sperry school employees.

It’s called “Nap Time on Work Time.”

Thankfully she decided against being an air traffic controller.

You would think Mr. Beagles would at least spring for a cot.

Note: Image taken by an anonymous student, posted on social media and captioned “My teacher”.


School Cafeteria Inspections Reveal Violations

How safe are our schools cafeterias? Can we trust that they are clean and safe for our children?

Routine inspections by the Tulsa County Health Department reveal that over the past two school years Sperry Public Schools cafeterias have not only been serving up hot foods but health code violations as well.

Health Department inspections at the Sperry High School Food Court, Main Cafeteria and Sperry Intermediate School found health code violations ranging from improper sanitation of food preparation utensils to failure to protect against the entry of insects and rodents.

Health Department inspectors reported that some food preparation materials used by cafeteria personnel were so heavily worn that they were no longer cleanable and ordered that such materials be replaced.

In some instances, health inspectors issued a “follow-up” notice to school officials. The health department issues a follow-up notice when, after an inspection is complete, there still exits critical violations that cannot be corrected during the inspection. The offender must make the correction within 24 hours, indicate on an official form that the correction has been made, and return the form to the Health Department.

Other actions taken by health department inspectors reveal that Sperry Schools received numerous code violation “warnings”. Code violation warnings are issued as a firm reminder that if current conditions continue or occur on subsequent inspections that misdemeanor
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Parent Addresses School Cafeteria Concerns

FROM: Concerned Pirate


Did you know that Sperry Public Schools has signed a 5 YEAR contract with Sodexo Management Company to manage our school cafeterias?

The posted meal prices are not what you may be being currently charged! Even if it is, you were probably OVERCHARGED: AUGUST THROUGH MID OCTOBER. (Dates based on my personal experience may vary for you)

To verify whether you are being overcharged, YOU HAVE TO request a print out of charges from the main cafeteria, review it and submit a request for credit. School personnel aren’t telling you but, NO REQUEST, NO CREDIT!

Don’t let your child’s account reach the maximum allowed ($10.00) negative balance or your child will be served a cheese sandwich until paid. If the account isn’t being paid after a month they will
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Sperry Schools Under Investigation

time_sheetMonths after the release of a state-ordered audit of it’s school system, Sperry Public Schools is once again under investigation by a governmental agency.

Sperry Pirates News (SPN) has learned that the Sperry Public School system is under investigation by the United States Department of Labor. The school is allegedly being investigated by the Department’s Wage and Hour Division for possible employee wage law violations.

The investigation, which began in December of 2013, is ongoing . More on this developing story later.


Board Hires Outside Firm to Run School Cafeteria

sodexo_cafeteriaAt the July 8, 2013 meeting of the Sperry board of education, board members decided to outsource the management of school district cafeterias by giving their approval to the hiring of an outside company to manage cafeteria operations.

By a vote of 5-0, board members voted to hire Sodexo, a Maryland based company, to provide food services to the Sperry school district. Other than the board’s action to retain Sodexo, no details of the school’s contract with the company are to be found in the minutes of the July 2013 board meeting.

For taxpayers interested in the district’s food management bidding process, the July 8, 2013 board minutes make no mention of bid submissions, bidding contracts, contract terms or other pertinent details. The board minutes should accurately reflect the business of the board while serving to
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